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Are you in your 50+ and would like to finally take your dream business or profession out of the drawer where you left it – and forgot about it – many years ago? Or maybe you would like to earn some extra money to buy a new car, go on a dream holiday, or pay your mortgage? Or are you in a transition phase of your life – like I was only a few years ago - and you want, or are forced, to start from scratch or reinvent yourself? Or are you looking for a dream lifestyle where you can enjoy the freedom of creating a business around your passion, working the number of hours you want, from wherever you want?
Well if any of these questions resonate with you, let me guide you, step by step, through a journey that I personally have started not so long ago and that has given me the freedom to create a lifestyle that I really love.

This is what you’ll learn within the book:
- Define your business idea, if you don’t have one already
- Learn the basic tools and resources to build your online business, even with a very small budget
- Plan your business and manage your time so that you can work ON your business and not IN the business, with a working schedule that also includes “me time”
- Acquire some simple and affordable branding, marketing and launching strategies to attract your ideal customers

Are you ready to take the first step into your online enterpreneurial journey?

If you are, I’ll be happy to be your guide.
Paola Devescovi

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Paola Devescovi

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Paola Devescovi is a multi-passionate entrepreneur–  but not always. After a successful 26-year career as conference interpreter, Paola integrated her language and communication background with her passion to help others and her new specialization in Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing and as a certified business consultant and coach with her new entrepreneurial venture. 

A major life storm before her 50th birthday forced Paola to start from scratch, personally and professionally. Her investment in herself guided her to build her companies, Project Prosperity and VA Acadeny and form joint ventures with other entrepreneurs. She’s created an app for smartphones, became an international published author, created programs for the 50+,  become the Community Director for the Professional Women Association of Rome and more. 

Project Prosperity, a renowned dynamic enterprise, empowers Gen Xers and baby boomers globally wanting to turn their idea/passion into an online business, and helps entrepreneurs and professionals build a successful Personal Brand and online business.  Paola co-authored several PWN books - including The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence and Passion; Baby Boomers: Secrets Of Life After 50, both released in 2014.

Paola Devescovi is available for workshops, seminars and keynotes based on the book 50+.com.

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